Worship Overview

Worship Overview

Covid-19 protocols are currently in place.
Although most Services are now in person, options are available for streaming or viewing the Service via Zoom, To be notified of current
procedures, contact the synagogue office at 856-983-8090 and ask to be added to our weekly email list or check the Events page of this web site. Additionally, no food or drink is currently being served in our building.

Congregation Beth Tikvah’s mission is to inspire  congregants to explore and embrace the parts of Jewish life, practice,  and community that they find meaningful in a non-judgmental  environment. As such, Worship Services at Congregation Beth Tikvah aim to empower  you to safely seek and find spiritual connection.  We are a home for joyous, meaningful, and inspiring Judaism, without the pressures and obstacles of being Jewish enough, knowledgeable enough, or observant enough.

Congregation Beth Tikvah is fully egalitarian.

Ritual responsibilities for men and women are identical.

Congregation Beth Tikvah encourages congregant participation and leadership in services. Large print siddurim are available.