Half Shekel Campaign

A little-known biblical commandment required each adult Israelite give a half shekel to the temple for its maintenance. Today this mitzvah is called “Machatzit HaShekel” and is done on the eve of Purim.

As Purim 5784 approaches, our Half Shekel campaign has begun. Our fundraising goal this year is $20,000 to be used for much-needed kitchen updates. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you’ve used CBT’s kitchen in recent years, you will agree that this is not necessarily the case at CBT. A much-needed facelift is crucial, and will include replacement of our stove/oven, a new warming unit, new shelves, and new tile flooring. The stronger our participation, the sooner the goal is reached, and the better the kitchen will function. So, please consider making a donation in whatever amount is right for you. Again, strong participation is the key to success.

We are grateful to every person who can contribute toward our synagogue. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Your participation will make a difference. Please donate what you can -- $18, $180 or $1,800 or more to help us reach our goal.

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